We invest because we know Greece’s goodwill!  Ar.G.C.BANK (OCTOBER 2016 USA)

G-SII: Hellenic Development Beteiligungs AG .

HDB-AG> 11-10-11 component systems «TARGET2-Bundesbank – JULY 2012» Article 3(ECB/2012/27) (2013/47/EU)

non-EEA G10 countries’ means the countries participating in the Group of Ten (G10) that are not EEA countries, i.e. the United States of America, Canada, Japan and Switzerland;

 (CCB2- counterparties Summary 11-10-2011  Eurosystem)  (new safekeeping structure — NSS)

« International Central Securities Depository » (ICSD) «One World-One Market»

17-08-2016 Open market operations d.Structural operations — These operations are mainly aimed at adjusting the structural position of the euro system vis-à-vis the financial sector on a permanent basis. On 9 March 2015 the Eurosystem started the purchase, on the secondary market, of bonds issued by euro area central governments and certain agencies and international or supranational institutions located in the euro area under the Public Sector Purchase Programme (PSPP). Combined, the ABSPP, the CBPP3 and the PSPP constitute the Expanded Asset Purchase Programme (EAPP), whose monthly purchases will amount to EUR 60 billion. They are to be carried out until the end of September 2016 and, in any case, until the Governing Council detects a sustained adjustment in the path of inflation that is consistent with its aim of achieving inflation rates below, but close to, 2% over the medium term.


‘international central securities depository’ (ICSD) means a CSD that is active in the settlement of internationally traded securities from various national markets, typically across currency areas (2) ‘agency’ means entities that the Eurosystem has classified as agencies. The list of entities classified as agencies is published on the ECB’s website; (32) ‘Eurosystem monetary policy operations’ means open market operations and standing facilities;(33)‘Eurosystem User Assessment Framework’ means the framework, which is available on the ECB’s website, for the assessment of SSSs and links to determine their eligibility for use in Eurosystem credit operations;


‘cross-border use’ means the submission, as collateral, by a counterparty to its home NCB of:


marketable assets held in another Member State whose currency is the euro;


marketable assets issued in another Member State and held in the Member State of the home NCB;


credit claims where the credit claim agreement is governed by the laws of another Member State whose currency is the euro other than that of the home NCB;


retail mortgage-backed debt instruments (RMBDs) in accordance with the applicable procedures of the CCBM;

(31) ‘Eurosystem credit operations’ means: (a) liquidity-providing reverse transactions, i.e. liquidity-providing Eurosystem monetary policy operations excluding foreign exchange swaps for monetary policy purposes and outright purchases; and (b) intraday credit;


‘Individual Service Provider’ (ISP) shall mean a Eurosystem member which does not undertake to provide the complete set of Eurosystem reserve management services. State that the customer shall confirm to the Eurosystem member that it complies with all Union and national laws for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, insofar as and to the extent applicable to it, including instructions given by competent authorities, and that it is not involved with any form of money laundering or terrorist financing.

The project is covered by European regulation No 670/2012, which was published in Official Journal

L 204/1 of 31/07/2012 European Strategy for EUROPE 2020

Ellinon Politeia Project
Ellinon Politeia

Highest bid of acquisition offer for goverment debt securities “Ellinon Politeia” (11/10/2011 and 26/02/2014) HERE

7. Securitization of the project “Ellinon Politeia” 

7.1 G.HDBONDS (Senior Debt Instruments): Securities of high guarantee or covered securities (HDBABS: Asset-Backed Security of Nominal Value)

Hellenic Development Beteiligungs AG (G-SIFI)  is entitled to any Principal, Joint, Absolute, Formative Rights of natural and legal persons in Greece and absolutely entitled to any intellectual rights deriving from the project “Ellinon Politeia” Metropolitan – Theme – Residential Park. Legally effective, in force from 26/02/2014, the public bid on the purchase of shares (Law 3986/2011 ‐ 4254/2014), pertaining to the European Economic Area (EEA) and the EMU area, because the law, even as an integral part of a particular social reality, is not freely left to the disposal of each political authority that regulates this reality. Reserving the right to make a bid to any institution related to the Greek public debt and its impairment, such as the EMS ( European Stability Mechanism ) .

Article 18 of the TFEU (former article 12 EC) must be interpreted as prohibiting the reverse discrimination caused by the interaction between article 21 TFEU and national law, since this entails the breach of a fundamental right protected by EU law, and since national laws do not provide at least an equivalent protection.

Hellenic Development Beteiligungs AG/ G.HDBOND: Corporated, Connected Nominal Securities of embodied predetermined arithmetic reasonable fair value in favor of Greek Sovereign Debt. Its Financial (Financial Indicator, FI) nature modulates the economic reality.

Tangible asset which falls within the categories of Intellectual Capital: Human Capital – HC, Structural Capital – SC and Relational Capital – RC.

WS 1 (1.6) G.HDBOND:Asset-Backed Security of Nominal Value – Senior Debt Instruments

31)  26-02-2014  Eurosystem credit operations

Transparency, Investor’s Participation in the project’s economic cycle

1.1.G.HDBOND 1/ Security type version of financing development construction project with  named value its minimum selling price per square meter after the project’s completion. The version is followed by:

1.a/ Coupon yield annual interest

1.b/ S.C.C.: Secured Commission Coupon

1.c/ C.A.P.: Coupon Asset Profit

Insurance – Guarantee For Investors.

This does not include the right of obligations, it does not belong to unsecure financial products such us government bonds of  a Member State of the European Union in accordance with court decisions (European Law).

The innovation of the security G.HDBOND connects the investor with certain primary economic activity, with Project, service or product of embodied predetermined arithmetic reasonable fair value, things themselves within this (asset or property) and asset value as a bearer guaranteee: Article 1 of EQS ECHR for asset insurance, which abides the principle of fair balance among the public interest in respect of all requirements for the protection of the fundamental individual rights as investor 6 par. 1 of the ECHR.

The asset or property is subject to Judicial protection and it is constitutionally guaranteed, inalienable, according to the decision of the Greek Supreme Court and it has legal effects for the investor’s protection, specifically, in favor of the Fiscal Descipline of Eurozone (for members – states of E.E. which are participating in th Treaty for the espablishment of European Stability Mechanism – ESM,…………………..as a creator can be a legal person as well, who invests and coordinates the productive activity (work made for hire).

The copyright law protects only these which are original.

Traditionally, the copyright system, focusing on the economic dimension of property, tends to consider as original any project which is not a mere copy and requires a minimumwork or investment (sweat of the brow).

The system of droit d’auteur, mainly focusing on the art creation, requires the creation to be an expression of the creator’s personality.

This product G.HDBOND, our service as security “intangible resources”  (Sánchez, et al., 2001), will function in german and international market, through a constant nominal value which is listed on the security and finances a specific project or service, with the definition of the real economic value of the main security ( Proof, analysis & synthesis value) which is generated through financing.

Project’s Copyright, Internation Customary – German Fiancial Law.

Tangible Asset

The company, with all rights reserved up to date, is the copyright holder (cost research and development, R&D) and holder of the exclusive rights of the commercial use of the security G.HDBOND which is included in the development project’s public proposal (European directive – “public contracts” ( 2006/C 179/02) Union Law) on public contracts, which was notified on 11/10/2011 by a Greek S.A. company to the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF), as defined by Law 3986/2011 (memorandum – Greek Sovereign Debt). The above Fund has as its main purpose, defined by its founding law, the repayment of Greek Sovereign Debt servicing the overriding public interest, through the asset development which have been trasferred to the Fund, for purposes of development) – GREEK REPUBLIC, in Greece, with parallel notification to the competent institutions of European Union, the Troika’s observers in Greece and Troika.

WS 2 (1.4) Public Proposal – Submission Offer of Shares’ Market 11/10/2011  and 26/02/2014 Greece – Project “Ellinon Politeia” 

WS 3 (1.4.11) S.R.B. “Ellinon Politeia” – Social Reciprocal Benefit

Corporate social responsibility – Corporate governance

WS 4 (1.5) Trademark – Utilization   “Ellinon Politeia”

Marketing  Management- HDB AG

In the context of internationalization of our goal, for the completion of our project proposal ‘’Metropolitan – Residential Park Ellinon Politeia’’, we have registered our mark for trading / franchise. It can be used by companies in classes of goods (food, clothing, jewelry, etc) sponsoring in that way the project ‘’Metropolitan Residential Park Ellinon Politeia’’.

This signal will provide maximum goodwill to each sponsor in product codes, provided quality specifications per product obtained, as these will be specified in the signed relevant contract. Greek Olive Juice “ELLINON POLITEIA” – Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Food category (registration class) Greek Olive Juice “ELLINON POLITEIA”

The name “OLIVE JUICE” on the package is the primary name for us, and not the international name “extra vergine oil”, as we are obligated to meet as a company, based on European instruction and regulation, since tranceabillity of the product and company’s procedures  ensure for a totally natural product, which surely after our necessary actions in Germany and Greece, will be placed in the category of healthy nutrition formulations (general term).

There are plenty scientific researches for the beneficial effects to human body of the  olive oil – olive juice, specially the greek one.

WS 5 (1.3) GlobalEstate24.com – Deals24.com: Financing – Development

«One World-One Market»

The idea was born when, with more than 5.000 active members and after many years of experience in the Real Estate field, the inspirers of GlobalEstate24.com wanted to overcome the limited and regional abilities of real estate portals until then, and create a new worldwide portal of advertising properties, which will offer unique criteria of search, request, offer and listing to users all over the world.

Since we all are citizens of the world, the company will develop and take advantage of  www.GlobalEstate24.com  and its connected application (E-agent), giving the chance to all users of the internet, not only to promote their properties, but also to choose properties from 34 countries (so far), which satisfy users’ criteria that they have set (surface, price, currency and other characteristics) automatically, through Global Market.

A crucial advantage for the users of  www.GlobalEstate24.com, is the fact that, wherever they register their properties (ie. either Greece gr.GlobalEstate24.com, or Brazil br.globalestate24.com), they will be visible in the Global Market, supporting 13 languages and 30 currencies so far.

GlobalEstate24.com will occupy worldwide employers in all continents, always embracing the idea and the belief  “think globally – act locally”. Therefore we adjust to each user’s demands, of every country in order to provide the best possible, individual experience and knowledge.

Any future commercial use, sale – copyright of any individual applications of www.GlobalEstate24.com, is assured from now that will remain sponsor for the project ‘’Metropolitan Residential Park Ellinon Politeia’’.


Real Estate Services – Investments

With our company based in Germany (Düsseldorf) and two representative offices in Greece at the first stage, taking advantage of the rights,  the expertise and the database, that we already own in Greece through an acclaimed company (private projects) in the specific business, with 50 years of  experience (www.goutos.com) and knowledge of the greek market, we have the guarantees to fulfill our goals, particularly at this time of period, which is appropriate for investing in Greece.

The website   (www.goutos.com), as well as the Real Estate CRM (database), aiming at increasing their network, will soon cover the features of properties – customers – partners of  Germany.

The development and the customization of the existing application (Web real estate), and also finding data in german market and language, will provide direct ability of internationalization our partner’s network.

1. Company’s Management

Asset Management, Services – Projects of the company

As they appeared in table 1 “Company’s Activities” all individual activities of the company belong and controled from part 1, that appears at the centre of the company’s activities circle with the indication 1. Management: Services – Projects – Asset of the company.

The management department has the exclusive responsibility to choose partners – strategic investors e.t.c..

Table 1: Company’s activities

Hellenic Development Beteiligungs AG 

08.07.2015, Düsseldorf-Germany

G-SII: HDB-AG. ‘central bank (CB)’ means a Eurosystem CB Article 2 – 3  Securitization fund.  legal entity.Target2 ecb.